The Masked, Kung Flu Fighter

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Hi. I’m jimmy.

Today, the masked, Kung-flu-fighter.

We catch a “cold” when we are cold. Our noses, sinuses, throats and lungs, the coldest parts of our body, get infected first.

But viruses do have their kryptonite. We don’t get a fever to help the virus. Human bodies learned long, long ago that a fever weakens viruses so our immune system can kill em. Viruses thrive when you are cold. They weaken and wither at fever temperatures.

That’s why I wear a mask.  Ok, a neck sleeve/warmer. The cloth catches the outgoing warmth and moisture and uses it to heat and humidify your incoming breath. Personal experience has shown me that this suppresses and soothes my dry coughs. My knit hat keeps my head and forehead sinuses warm. I wear em all to bed as well as socks. Chilly feet drop your nose temperature creating a beachhead for the virus invaders.

And keep the heat on em! Take a long, hot bath or shower, 20 minutes at least, every day during winter. Studies have proven that people who get their body temperatures up for at least 20 minutes each day have fewer and shorter colds. Before you’re sick, exercising is the best way. When you are sick that’s not such a good idea. And who has time to exercise every day, any way?

Put that aspirin down and back away slowly. Aspirin will lower your temperature. And you will feel a little better, but only a little, for days  and days  and days   while the viruses feed at the banquet buffet you’ve made of your body by lowering your temperature with that aspirin.

A word of caution, however – some peoples bodies over react some of the time. The life/brain threatening threshold is 104 for teenagers and adults. Some doctors say 100 for babies. Monitor your temperature and call the doctor if the fever even starts to come close. But don’t hinder your own body when your temperature is well below the danger line.

Alcohol is awful. Like Aspirin, it might make you feel a little better for a little while, but it puts the kibosh on your immune system. The infamous Hot Toddy helps a little, but only because the herbs and raw honey offset the devil’s brew in it.

And About those doctors who prescribe antibiotics for colds. Antibiotics have no effect on viruses. There is nothing that the doctor can prescribe that kills viruses. Doctors that do are breeding super-resistant bacteria in your body.

Vaccines are vacuous. A 2013 study by the government found that older adults were just as likely to end up at the doctor as those not vaccinated. The government admits that each years vaccines  attack only 3 or 4 types at most, usually only 2, of last years models. Yet the famous Mayo Clinic exposes the fact that you may have one of more than 100 different viruses. Moreover, viruses mutate at a vicious rate. Since it takes the lab rats, human type, a minimum of 8 to 10 months to create a new vaccine, none of this years myriads of mutations are affected. Your body is your best defense. It wants to search and destroy em. You can aid and abet it.

Take the fight to the next level. Go to DEFCON 3! Vitamin D3, that is. Take it all the time   but especially in winter. It’s proven to reduce both the number and duration of colds as well as help the winter blues. Liquid drops are probably the best. and it works better with its trusty, K2 dog at its side, vitamin K2, that is.

Heal with Herbs. Scientists unmasked herbs as the super Kung Flu Fighter in chicken soup.

Become Buffy, the Flu-slayer and gag em with good old garlic. I like fresh, which is probably the best. But you can buy odor free pills.

Zap em with Zinc. Scientists think it prevents virus cells from reproducing by coating them so they can’t hook up with your cells.

Oil up with Oregano.

Take a leaf from Popeye’s girlfriend, Olive,  leaf extract, that is.

Eat your honey raw. With no protection, unfiltered, that is. Raw honey is full of essential minerals those busy bees brought home, and eat the comb too, its full of Propolis Police    bad ass bacteria fighters.

When life gives you lemons, use em for ammo. on your salads, Alternate or combine lemon juice and Johnny Appleseed’s vinegar for a Vendetta against viruses.

Mushrooms march through microbes.

Pepper em with Cayenne

Cripple em with C. Megadoses of Vitamin C reduced duration and symptoms by 85%. Even the AMA’s results with small doses reduced em by 8 to 18%, which WebMd and the AMA  claim is insignificant. Not to me and those suffering that ain’t insignificant. Think of the billions businesses would save.

And don’t forget water. Our bodies use it to flush em out. Drink plenty of it as well a various herb teas with raw honey. No coffee, coke or caffeinated teas. Even decaf has lots of caffeine – a diuretic that robs your body of the precious fluids it needs in the fight against colds.

Equally important for your immune system: “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”

Worry weakens your immune system. Happy helps it.

So meditate to mend. Slow down and live. Life’s not a rehearsal. There’s no reload or start over button in this game.

Eat and drink less, but be merry, for tomorrow we might die.  However, plan a little, work a little, just in case you don’t.


Thanks for watching,

I’m Jimmy Walter

I am not a doctor. This video is for educational purposes only. Read the studies and watch the videos I have linked, all based on scientific studies. Check with your doctor, especially with a high fever – Doctors are well intentioned, but not gods. In this videos description you’ll find a list of their theories that were proven wrong. Today, doctors are over prescribing antibiotics and opioids – causing crises.

Exercise can prevent a cold


Only 3 or 4 viruses








Flu vaccine just 36% effective


Only 10%




Vitamin D




Cold Feet



Vitamin D helps prevent colds


In a study led by Dr. H. Clay Gorton, D.C., and published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics in 1999 reported flu and cold symptoms in the test group following treatment with vitamin C were a whopping 85 percent lower when compared to the control group. Researchers concluded that vitamin C – in megadoses – administered either before or after the start of cold or flu symptoms successfully relieved and prevented the symptoms in the test population compared with the control group.

A 2013 study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that older adults receiving the flu vaccine were just as likely to seek medical attention for flu symptoms as those not receiving the vaccine.


Vitamin C, in low doses, reduces frequency and duration 8 to 18%




The scientific lit has exposed that, at most, only 10 to 30% of those who get vaccinated are helped – unless you count the legal drug pushers profits – they’re making a killing off opioids – pun intended.

To maintain a healthy immune system, your body needs a range of nutrients, the most important being zinc, selenium, iron, copper, folate and vitamins A, C, E and B-6, according to an article in the “The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.” Teas that include these nutrients could help you fight the illness from within. Two teaspoons of peppermint leaves give you 136 milligrams of vitamin A, about 25 percent of the recommended daily intake for that nutrient. A teaspoon of dried thyme gives you 81 milligrams of calcium and 163 milligrams of vitamin A. Chamomile tea provides you with small amounts of most of these nutrients, but it is not particularly high in any of them. Read labels and find herbal teas rich in vitamins and minerals.

Teas and Mayo Clinic



Don’t take anything with caffeine


Medical theories proven wrong



No longer “Strongest” Currency? Hurray! Trump is clear leader!

Why would you want your currency to be the “strongest”?
Only if you had the factories and wanted their raw materials and their other properties cheap!
Since we have destroyed our industrial base, having the “strongest” currency is counter-productive. First, the “strongest” currency is total propaganda, fake metaphor, overtly trying to stimulate emotions over reason. Our paper can bench press more kilos than theirs? Today, a high exchange rate means we can buy more of their products and they can buy less of ours making our import/exprot ratio, i.e., profits, worse!
The total US debt is not, actually, that bad. With very low interest rates, it is sustainable. This is not home or business economics – it is macro. As long as there is real inflation greater than the interest rate, which the banks hate, and inflation is greater than the interest rate, the debt dissentigrates to close to zero in the long run. If the interest rates go up, like the 13% Paul Volker imposed, then the excrement hits the fan and splatters us all.
While I fear Trump, he is not 100% bad – He has the FED in his sites and I like that. China has been manipulating currency to increase its exports. Japan did. All countries buying US debt instead of spending their surplus dollars are doing the same thing. Global warming is a sham.
Is he a racist and dangerous? Most certainly! Over confidence got the world into WWII. Trump admits no mistakes. His inferiority complex endangers us all. We have nothing to win in the Middle East. Nothing. We have many lives to lose.
The odds makers are much more reliable than polls. They are giving 21 to 20 that Trump is re-elected. The Democrats seem intent on electing Trump. They completely ignore his vulnerabilities and emphasize things about themselves that are not an issue, actually opposed by the electorate.
Trump: 49.8%
Harris:  11.6%
Biden:  10:4%
Warren  10.1
Sanders 4.4
I want to confess that I was probably wrong about Sanders probably beating Trump in 2016 if Hillary hadn’t sandbagged him. Trump would have pounded Sanders into the ground with Sander’s overt, radical, Socialism. Righter or wronger, better or worse, this is a somewhat democractically elected government. May the best cheat/liar win. 
The whole Democratic field havs been driven too far left, looks almost like design.
21/20 that Trump wins.
Would love to see the pollsters and pundits put their money where their mouths are.
I want to confess that I was probably wrong about Sanders probably beating Trump in 2016 if Hillary hadn’t sandbagged him. Trump would have pounded Sanders into the ground with Sander’s overt, radical, Socialism. Righter or wronger, better or worse, this is a somewhat democratically elected government. May the best cheat/liar win. 
The whole Democratic field has been driven too far left, looks almost like design.
21/20 that Trump wins. Would love to see the pollsters and pundits put their money where their mouths are.
On the other side, While Trump is galvanizing his base, he is also galvanizing his opposition. The race card works both ways: The African Americans and Hispanics will be out in force. Women. Liberals. Muslims. Arabs. With legalized Gerrymandering and Citizens United, perhaps that does not matter:

Election Betting Odds FAQ

Why trust these odds?
Studies find that political prediction (betting) markets tend to be better at predicting elections than polls. Some reasons:
– Bettors take into account important factors besides polls.
– Unlike pundits, bettors put their money where their mouths are.
– People involved in the event might trade before news breaks publicly
– The “wisdom of crowds“.

Why this site uses odds from Betfair.com
This site’s odds are from Betfair.com and PredictIt.com. After Intrade.com was shut down, Betfair became the only prediction market in the world that has a lot of trading and is efficient. It is based in the U.K., where regulations are less onerous. It does not accept American traders due to regulations. Betfair, however, expresses their odds in a very technical gambling format; hence the need for this site.

How people bet
American regulations are strict, but PredictIt.com has been allowed by the federal government’s “Commodity Futures Trading Commission” and is easy to use. However, see the following section for why PredictIt’s prices are systematically too high. Non-Americans also have the option of using Betfair.com.

Why these odds are better than bookies’ odds
Betfair is a market — in other words, candidates’ shares are traded just like stocks in the stock market, and the prices that result tell you the probability.

Bookies are similar, but the prices are not set by a market. This makes them more random, they often are only willing to take one side of the bet, and the “cut” is generally greater.

Is there enough trading on Betfair to give reliable odds?
So far, over $2 million has been bet on Betfair on the races covered here on ElectionBettingOdds.com.

In 2012, Betfair traders predicted the election outcome and called it with more certainty than Intrade.com.

How precise are these odds?
The average bid-ask spread is roughly 1%, meaning that a difference of less then 1% should generally not be viewed as significant. The markets are not always very deep, either; I would suggest assuming a “margin of error” of 3 or 4% (similar to the margin of error of polls, but the odds are still much more indicative of who will win compared to just looking at a poll.)

Comparison with other sites
ElectionBettingOdds.com is the only site that shows the odds as well as their recent percentage increase/decrease.

NY Times
The NY Times’ “Upshot” uses the “PredictWise” average. But if you read the fine print, their “prediction market” odds are actually an average of prediction markets AND polls.

Primary Guide
Eli Dourado’s Primary Guide is good and uses Betfair odds. It is useful if you are interested in contingent odds, and it also weights odds by liquidity.
Both of these sites, however, also use a formula for averaging the odds the skews them somewhat (detailed below.)

Methodology *very technical*
Short answer: This site simply averages the market “bid” and “ask” prices to come up with the implied odds.
Long answer: The odds on Betfair are not expressed as percentages and have to be converted. The conversion formula is 1/x, where x is the Betfair price. For example, on Betfair a candidate will trade at “50” — that means the candidate has a 1/50 = 2% chance of winning.

ElectionBettingOdds.com converts the Betfair odds to percentages, and then averages them. Specifically, the formula is: ((1/Bid + 1/Ask)/2)

This generally gives intuitive results. For example, on Betfair, Chris Christie may have a “bid” price of “50” and an “ask” price of “25”. In other words, the bid is (1/50)=2% and the ask is (1/25)=4%. It seems logical that the implied chance is the average: 3%.

But the sites mentioned above do not do that. Instead of calculating the percentages and then averaging those, they average the Betfair numbers first. Their formula is 1 / ((Back + Lay)/2) which in the Chris Christie example above would yield 2.66% instead of 3%.

This is a particular issue for low odds. For example, if a candidate on Betfair has a spread between “1000” (.1%) and “100” (1%), this site’s formula would conclude that the odds are the average: .55%. But the other sites’ formulas would compute the odds to be just .18%. In general, their formula skews odds towards 0% probability and 100% probability. Although it is theoretically possible that skewing the odds in that way makes them better at predicting events, there does not seem to be hard evidence for that notion.

So ElectionBettingOdds.com uses the simple averaging method because it most faithfully depicts the odds themselves without alteration.

One tricky thing is the rare occasion when liquidity is very low for a candidate. For example, one could imagine a candidate who has no chance — so low that almost nobody is bothering to trade on the person’s chances. In that case you might see a wide bid-ask spread. In the most extreme possible case, the bid might be 1% and the ask 99%. In that case the average would compute as 50%, which would be pretty clearly misleading for a candidate so obscure that nobody bothers to trade. It would not be good if this site suddenly put that candidate in the lead at 50% just because nobody was trading that person. The solution this site uses is: In cases where the bid-ask spread is greater than 10%, the bid alone is used, because it provides a solid lower-bound. In cases where the bid is greater than 50% and the bid-ask spread is greater than 10%, the ask alone is used. (These cases are extremely rare; the average bid-ask spread is around 1% and nearly all the time all of the candidates’ spreads are well under 10%.)

The Pedo Conspiracy Proven – Epstein, creator of Clinton Foundation, Close friends with Trump, Clintons, Blair, et. al. Got sweetheart deal from Secretary of Labor, Acosta, whom Trump confirmed anyway. Justice Dept opposes opening case!

Jeffrey Epstein Documents Could Expose Powerful Politicians, Businessmen – He created Clinton Foundation

In February, a U.S. district judge determined federal prosecutors, including Acosta, broke the law by failing to notify victims before Epstein pleaded guilty to the Florida prostitution charge. That decision could potentially nullify Epstein’s plea deal, opening him up to new federal charges. But prosecutors are challenging this ruling. 

Key background: Epstein had previously been charged in 2007 in a 53-page indictment. As the Miami Herald revealed in its investigative series “Perversion of Justice,” Epstein managed to escape all federal charges through a plea deal that gave him and all of his alleged coconspirators immunity, with all documents being sealed. Epstein ended up pleading guilty to one state prostitution charge in Florida. He then registered as a sex offender and paid unspecified restitution to three dozen victims identified by the FBI.

The contentious plea deal was orchestrated by U.S. attorney Alexander Acosta, now President Trump’s secretary of labor. The Miami Herald’s reporting prompted calls for Acosta to resign, but he has remained in his Cabinet post.


Epstein, whose friends included Bill Clinton, Donald Trump and a constellation of other high-powered politicians and businessmendonated extensively to Democrats throughout the nineties and early 2000s up until the investigations into the allegations of sexual coercion of a minor began.



  • New allegations of sexual abuse by ‘numerous prominent American politicians, powerful business executives, foreign presidents’ are also in the docs
  • There are allegations about ‘a well-known prime minister and other world leaders’ as well 


Democrats and Press Setting Up Trump Win in 2020, Just like They did in 2016.

The Democrats argue irrelevant, misleading issues. “Russiagate replaced Analysis” of why Hillary lost. Because of the damaging Wikileaks’ hacks, she “brought in outside consultants to plot a PR strategy for handling the news of the hack … the story would advance a narrative that benefited the Clinton campaign and the Democrats: The Russians were interfering in the US election, presumably to assist Trump.” – “Russian Roulette” (p127). Her team “engineer[ed] the case that the election wasn’t entirely on the up and up …. Russian hacking was the centerpiece of the argument.” – “Shattered” (p. 395). “The corporate recorders at the NY Times would have us believe that the reason African-Americans did not uniformly vote for Hillary Clinton and the Democrats is because they were too dimwitted to think for themselves and were subsequently manipulated by foreign agents. This yellow press drivel is nothing more than propaganda that could have been written by George Wallace.” – Teodrose Fikremanian


The Democrats are still hung up on the aftermath of “Russiagate” – Obstruction of Justice and Impeachment.  Her/DNC elitist, La La Land attitudes handed Trump the election by unethically denying Bernie the nomination who would have beaten Trump. Not only do the majority of people not like Hillary as a person, working class voters switched from Obama to Trump because of Wall Street’s obvious speaking fees largess for her speeches supporting Wall Street. Furthermore, Bill Clinton’s NAFTA resulted in huge declines in manufacturing jobs in Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania, et. al. Hillary went on to support the TPP which would have, at least to the minds of the working class voter, exacerbated the devastation.


Moreover, her husband’s “welfare reform” resulted in “about 1.46 million U.S. households with about 2.8 million children were surviving on $2 or less in income per person per day in a given month… The prevalence of extreme poverty rose sharply between 1996 and 2011. This growth has been concentrated among those groups that were most affected by the 1996 welfare reform.” – NPC, “Extreme Poverty in the United States, 1996 to 2011”

The current DNC and press miss the real issues. The Democrats are again obsessing on “electability” instead of real issues, real solutions and winning back their historical supporters.

Finally, the Democrats have eaten the Green New Deal poison pill. They have already lost the support of the unions. The Australian Election has proven that no matter what the polls say, (whose bias is clearly shown by their push-poll questions), people actually vote on the real issues – “It’s the economy, stupid”, health care, immigration, the way women are treated, gun policy, taxes (the cuts did not create jobs, the bosses kept the cash), foreign affairs, trade tariffs, and, at the very bottom, man made climate change and Russiagate. (Gallop Poll from August 2018)










I relied heavily on Rick Sterling’s article for some sources and concepts.


Assange Is Guilty of “Reckless Engdangerment”, if not Manslaughter!

Having read the indictment,


36. The significant activity reports from the Afghanistan and Iraq wars that ASSANGE
published included names of local Afghans and Iraqis who had provided information to U.S. and coalition forces. The State Department cables that WikiLeaks published included names of persons throughout the world who provided information to the U.S. government in circumstances in which they could reasonably expect that their identities would be kept confidential. These sources included journalists, religious leaders, human rights advocates, and political dissidents who were living in repressive regimes and reported to the United States the abuses of their own government, and the political conditions within their countries, at great risk to their own safety.
By publishing these documents without redacting the human sources’ names or other identifying information, ASSANGE created a grave and imminent risk that the innocent people he named would suffer serious physical harm and/or arbitrary detention.
37. On May 2, 2011, United States armed forces raided the compound of Osama bin
Laden in Abbottabad, Pakistan. During the raid, they collected a number of items of digital media, which included the following: (1) a letter from bin Laden to another member of the terrorist organization al-Qaeda in which bin Laden requested that the member gather the DoD material posted to WikiLeaks, (2) a letter from that same member of al-Qaeda to Bin Laden with information from the Afghanistan War Documents provided by Manning to WikiLeaks and released by WikiLeaks, and (3) Department of State information provided by Manning to WikiLeaks and released by WikiLeaks.
38. Paragraphs 39 and 40 contain examples of a few of the documents ASSANGE
published that contained the unredacted names of human sources. These are not the only documents that WikiLeaks published containing the names of sources, nor the only documents that put innocent people in grave danger si
39. The following are examples of significant activity reports related to the Afghanistan
and Iraq wars that ASSANGE published without redacting the names of human sources who were vulnerable to retribution by the Taliban in Afghanistan or the insurgency in Iraq:

a. Classified Document CI was a 2007 threat report containing details of a planned
anti-coalition attack at a specific location in Afghanistan. Classified Document CI
named the local human source who reported the plaimed attack. Classified
Document CI was classified at the SECRET level.

b. Classified Document C2 was a 2009 threat report identifying a person who supplied
weapons at a specific location in Afghanistan. Classified Document C2 named the
local human source who reported information. Classified Document C2 was
classified at the SECRET level.

c. Classified Document D1 was a 2009 report discussing an improvised explosive
device (lED) attack in Iraq. Classified Document D1 named local human sources
who provided information on the attack. Classified Document D1 was classified at
the SECRET level.

d. Classified Document D2 was a 2008 report that named a local person in Iraq who
had turned in weapons to coalition forces and had been threatened afterward.
Classified Document D2 was classified at the SECRET level.

40. The following are examples of State Department cables that ASSANGE published
without redacting the names of human sources who were vulnerable to retribution.

a. Classified Document A1 was a 2009 State Department cable discussing a political
situation in Iran. Classified Document A1 named a human source of information
Case 1:18-cr-00111-CMH Document 31 Filed 05/23/19 Page 13 of 37 PageID# 201
located in Iran and indicated that the source’s identity needed to be protected.
Classified Document A1 was classified at the SECRET level.

b. Classified Document A2 was a 2009 State Department cable discussing political
dynamics in Iran. Classified Document A2 named a human source of information
who regularly traveled to Iran and indicated that the source’s identity needed to be
protected. Classified Document A2 was classified at the SECRET level.

c. Classified Document A3 was a 2009 State Department cable discussing issues
related to ethnic conflict in China. Classified Document A3 named a human source
of information located in China and indicated that the source’s identity needed to
be protected. Classified Document A3 was classified at the SECRET level.

d. Classified Document A4 was a 2009 State Department cable discussing relations
between Iran and Syria. Classified Document A4 named human sources of
information located in Syria and indicated that the sources’ identities needed to be
protected. Classified Document A4 was classified at the SECRET level.

e. Classified Document A5 was a 2010 State Department cable discussing human
rights issues in Syria. Classified Document A5 named a human source of
information located in Syria and indicated that the source’s identity needed to be
protected. Classified Document A5 was classified at the SECRET level.

g. ASSANGE Knew that the Dissemination of the Names of Individual Sources
Endangered Those Individuals.

41. ASSANGE knew that his publication of Afghanistan and Iraq war-related
significant activity reports endangered sources, whom he named as having provided information to U.S. and coalition forces.
Case 1:18-cr-00111-CMH Document 31 Filed 05/23/19 Page 14 of 37 PageID# 202

42. In an interview in August 2010, ASSANGE called it “regrettable” that sources
disclosed by WikiLeaks “may face some threat as a result.” But, in the same interview, ASSANGE insisted that “we are not obligated to protect other people’s sources, military sources or spy organization sources, except from unjust retribution,” adding that in general “there are numerous cases where people sell information … or frame others or are engaged in genuinely traitorous behavior and actually that is something for the public to know about.”

43. ASSANGE also knew that his publication of the State Department cables
endangered sources whom he named as having provided information to the State Department. In a letter dated November 27,2010 from the State Department’s legal adviser to ASSANGE and his counsel, ASSANGE was informed, among other things, that publication of the State Department cables would “[place at risk the lives of countless innocent individuals—from journalists to human rights activists and bloggers to soldiers to individuals providing information to further peace and security.” Prior to his publication of the unredacted State Department cables, ASSANGE claimed that he intended “to gradually roll [the cables] out in a safe way” by partnering
vrith mainstream media outlets and “reading through every single cable and redacting identities accordingly.” Nonetheless, while ASSANGE and WikiLeaks published some of the cables in redacted form beginning in November 2010, they published over 250,000 cables in September
2011, in unredacted form, that is, without redacting the names of the human sources.
44. On July 30,2010, the New York Times published an article entitled “Taliban Study
WikiLeaks to Hunt Informants.” The article stated that, after the release of the Afghanistan war significant activity reports, a member of the Taliban contacted the New York Times and stated, “We are studying the report. We knew about the spies and people who collaborate with U.S. forces. We will investigate through our own secret service whether the people mentioned are really
Case 1:18-cr-00111-CMH Document 31 Filed 05/23/19 Page 15 of 37 PageID# 203
spies working for the U.S. If they are U.S. spies, then we know how to punish them.” When confronted about such reports, ASSANGE said, “The Taliban is not a coherent outfit, but we don’t say that it is absolutely impossible that anything we ever publish will ever result in harm—we cannot say that.”

[End Quoter Section]

Of course, the US government covered up the outright, casual murders by military personnel. There is no talk about charging those exposed.


Open Season

Soldiers firing iStock-530312639 [Converted]

His actions will encourage war crimes. I certainly call it an impeachable offense.


The servicemen in question were charged not by some international tribunal or one of the bleeding-heart judges that Trump often rails against, but rather by U.S. military courts operating under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. (The contractor was convicted of first-degree murder in a federal court.) And the alleged crimes are not small matters.

In one case, a special operations chief in the Navy SEALs is charged with spraying gunfire at crowds of unarmed civilians in Iraq and with shooting to death an old man and a teenage girl from a sniper’s nest—just for sport.

In the other cases, Blackwater security contractors were found guilty of shooting dozens of unarmed Iraqis during a street protest early on in the war, an event that intensified the ongoing insurgency, which led to thousands more deaths. A major in the Green Berets killed an unarmed Afghan, whom he suspected to be a bomb maker, and buried him in a shallow grave, and a group of Marines was charged with urinating on the corpses of Taliban fighters (they videotaped the deed).

Trump Trade Average – 0.0 – bellicose, gun-to-the-head negotiating style isn’t working. – Forbes

Trump Batting 0.00 On Trade

Now, farmers are filing for bankruptcy. Workers throughout the U.S. auto industry – from factory floor to showroom – are scared they’re about to lose their jobs. Wal-Mart and other retailers are raising their prices because of Trump’s tariff war. The only benefit that Trump can point to is that tariff income is pouring into the Treasury.

Whom does that help?

Trump is like a third baseman who boots a ground ball, allowing three runs to score, which put the other team ahead. Now it’s the ninth inning and Trump is at the plate with the bases loaded, desperately hoping to hit a grand slam to atone for his error and win the game.

[This is Trump’s Achilles heal – not the Green New Delusion]


His NAFTA revision, which he named the U.S. Mexico Canada Agreement, or USMCA, awaits congressional approval, but House democrats are disinclined to give it to him. They say its enforcement language isn’t strong enough 

Trump threw a wrench into his hoped-for trade agreement with the European Union by agreeing to limit negotiations to non-automotive industrial goods, then reneging on that and insisting that agriculture be put on the table as well. E.U. officials have said repeatedly that that is out of the question. They’re also angry about his threat to impose a 25% tariff on European car imports, based on the absurd premise that they threaten U.S. national security. Do American cars threaten the national security of countries to which they’re exported?

Trump said he was close to a trade deal with China, but then China raised objections to certain U.S. conditions, such as leaving some tariffs in place even after the agreement takes effect.

Trump administration is hoping for a quick agreement with Japan on a bilateral trade agreement. But his threat to impose a 25% tariff on auto imports from Japan, which has no car tariff, has not endeared him to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. He has said he wouldn’t agree to a deal with the U.S. until after the country holds elections for the upper house of its legislature, the Diet, in July. If the two governments sign an agreement in August, which is unlikely, Congress won’t vote on it until next year, if at all. Historically, Congress has been reticent to vote on trade agreements during election years.

No one likes to be threatened. No one likes to be presented with a list of demands by a negotiating partner who offers little or nothing in return. No one likes negotiating with an adversary who is mercurial and unpredictable. No one sympathizes when the richest country on earth claims to be taken advantage of by its closest allies.

Trump tore [Trans Pacific Partnership] up during his first week in office. He called it “the rape of our country,” although it’s not clear that he ever even read it. Japan and the 10 other TPP parties ratified it without the United States and now American farmers and exporting industries are on the outside looking in. They wanted it badly.

Fox: Biden booms, Bernie fades, [GND drags – Trump lags] – Australia defeats GND (Green New Delusion)

Fox News Poll: Biden booms, Bernie fades | Fox News

Biden is the only one with a bit of sense about the GND (Green New Delusion) – and just a bit.

And a side: Too Many Choices – the odds of anyone coming out ahead of Biden and Bernie are great because there are so many other choices – that will divide up all of their opponents so much that Biden and Bernie will maintain a plurality- Bernie says he is a socialist – death from 1/3 or more of the electorate


Australia punishes Climate Alarmism – “Australia votes 2019: Shock! Climate action bombs. Pollsters crash. Skeptics Win”




The Labor Plan to cut Australian emissions by 45% percent is now gone — per capita this would have been a world record sacrifice in a country already increasing their renewable energy faster than any other.

Word-press Censors JohnRappoport


On May 11, 2019, Word-Press suddenly took down his blog after 10 years of continuous operation. There was no warning or advance notice of any kind.

The censorship ramps up.

Germany made it illegal to boycott or protest Israel – Israel is causing the anti-Semitism, not the other way around.


George Clooney pulls a Trump


Does Clooney think insults will sway skeptics of man made global warming? He has pulled a Trump – insulting, belittling, presenting NO evidence to support his assertions – encouraging violence against these “Dumbfckers”.  Moreover, he draws attention away from real environmental problems and supports (indirectly) nuclear proliferation – Unlike Russia, the nuke power plants are a real nuclear threat:


The 97% supporting Man Made Catastrophic Warming is a lie:


1. What exactly do the climate scientists agree on?

What you’ll find is that people don’t want to define what 97% agree on–because there is nothing remotely in the literature saying 97% agree we should ban most fossil fuel use.

If you look at the literature, the specific meaning of the 97% claim is: 97 percent of climate scientists agree that there is a global warming trend and that human beings are the main cause–that is, that we are over 50% responsible. The warming is a whopping 0.8 degrees over the past 150 years, a warming that has tapered off to essentially nothing in the last decade and a half.

2. How do we “know” the 97% agree?

in the case of 97% of climate scientists agreeing that human beings are the main cause of warming, the researchers have engaged in egregious misconduct.

Here is Cook’s summary of his paper: “Cook et al. (2013) found that over 97 percent [of papers he surveyed] endorsed the view that the Earth is warming up and human emissions of greenhouse gases are the main cause.”

But even a quick scan of the paper reveals that this is not the case. Cook is able to demonstrate only that a relative handful endorse “the view that the Earth is warming up and human emissions of greenhouse gases are the main cause.” Cook calls this “explicit endorsement with quantification” (quantification meaning 50 percent or more). The problem is, only a small percentage of the papers fall into this category; Cook does not say what percentage, but when the study was publicly challenged by economist David Friedman, one observer calculated that only 1.6 percent explicitly stated that man-made greenhouse gases caused at least 50 percent of global warming”

The seas are rising normally and not fast.


the accelerated warming that was forecast to produce catastrophic sea level rise flooding Bangladesh and Pacific islands causing hundreds of millions of refugees to flee coastal regions hasn’t occurred. This isn’t to say either that the planet hasn’t been warming, or that sea levels haven’t risen.  Of course they have, although these are hardly new developments. I can also make an argument that rising sea levels and warming periods may be somewhat disconnected matters.

neither the overall warming trend or sea level rise began with the fossil-burning Industrial Revolution… nor have they changed in any detectable way due to human influences. And we can’t even really know that the second follows the first. Sea levels rose during the Little Ice Age from about 1400-1859 AD… a period which was considerably colder than now.

Again, regarding temperature influences upon sea levels, consider, for example, what happened when the global climate sharply warmed between 1920 and 1940. Data shows that the sea level actually rose during that period, and then accelerated after temperatures cooled. How can this happen? One important clue is that a warming ocean evaporates more water, and a lot of it rains out in polar regions, transferring that water to the ice caps. This produces a net sea level lowering influence, counteracting the rising influences of glacier melts and ocean thermal expansion.

The Antarctic continent has been gaining ice accumulation. This might well suggest that between 1920 and 1940, ocean water thermal expansion and mountain glacier melting were less important to sea level than ice accumulation on the Antarctic continent. Unfortunately, the science is not advanced enough to be certain, and reliable data on ice accumulation over the whole Antarctic continent have not been available. 



Rise of the Luddites? Robots destroy worker attitudes. Liberal Arts Majors may have an edge getting jobs.



Would this also apply to any competition where the worker or student unsuccessfully vied?: “When humans unsuccessfully vied against a robot arm for cash prizes, participants ended up viewing themselves as less competent, didn’t try as hard, and tended to dislike the automated appendage that bested them, the researchers found.”


Add to that the superiority that winning capitalists/workers feel and the vaulted competition of capitalism and schools discourage workers who lose out to others and encourages class warfare.







The most valuable workers now and in the future will be those who can combine technical knowledge with human skills. A new analysis of more than 100 million job postings, resumes, and social profiles by the Strada Institute for the Future of Work and the labor market data firm Emsi reveals that employers crave more than just coding or engineering capabilities. Instead, they’re looking for candidates who can pair technical skills with uniquely human skills that will remain resistant to automation in the future.


Liberal arts programs, which are a chief, though not exclusive, pathway to cultivating important human skills like communication, creativity, and problem solving, may have a newfound role in building nimble and resilient thinkers


It makes little sense to continue to pit a college education and workforce training against each other, as if they are somehow mutually exclusive. It’s not an either/or proposition, but both/and. Apple’s late CEO Steve Jobs said as much back in 2011. “Technology alone is not enough,” Jobs said. “It’s technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields us the result that make our hearts sing.”


For too long this idea has fallen on deaf ears, and employers and educatorsand human and technical skillshave developed along parallel tracks. We must begin to connect our workforce with our post-secondary education and training systems and build clear pathways for the future of work.



Luddite: The Luddites were a secret oath-based organization[1] of English textile workers in the 19th century, a radical faction which destroyed textile machinery as a form of protest. The group was protesting against the use of machinery in a “fraudulent and deceitful manner” to get around standard labour practices.[2] Luddites feared that the time spent learning the skills of their craft would go to waste, as machines would replace their role in the industry.[3] Over time, however, the term has come to mean one opposed to industrialisation, automation, computerisation, or new technologies in general.[4] The Luddite movement began in Nottingham at a time in England and culminated in a region-wide rebellion that lasted from 1811 to 1816. Mill and factory owners took to shooting protesters and eventually the movement was suppressed with legal and military force.